This Is A Whole New Blog!

Hey! I’m Kate Kelly. I’ve had a little coffee blog for a while now and it’s been a challenge and a delight to explore such a widely used and historically rich foodstuff. Coffee will forever be my first love.

But I’ve never been a picky eater, so why should this blog be any different? I’ve always been curious about food, how it gets to us, where it came from, why we eat it. In high school, I was privileged to meet Florida tomato pickers who were working to advance their ground-breaking agricultural labor model, the Fair Food Program. They offered me a window into our food systems, or rather, our food chains. Even a wholesome-looking red tomato, grown right here in the U.S. of A., could be tainted with literal slave labor.

I wanted to know everything: how tomatoes grow, how they must be harvested, and how many pounds add up to a living wage. Why were the people at the beginning of the food were being paid so little, why were the consumers paying so much for substandard produce, and exactly where in the middle was the money disappearing?

So I’m expanding my blog beyond coffee: meet Source and Process, a freewheeling project that examines food and drink supply chains. The big ideas here are food and freedom. I want to know about all the nitty gritty labor conditions and power dynamics at work in our food systems. These things are just as important as taste and terroir, part of the complete nutritional value of a food or drink. Who grows it, who harvests it, what happens next, how it’s shipped and where, how we cook it, how it tastes, who we eat it with, who loves it, who hates it, and why — these are threads I want to pull at.

The development of this blog is organic by default — I don’t have a budget or any special access, so posts are the product of my natural connections. A friend’s bakery, a nearby farm, I’ll take knowledge wherever I can get it. And I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel — all of this has been written before, but sometimes it needs translating. I just want to demystify the stuff we put in our body, to tie up the loose ends of our food chains, and to illuminate the source and process of the things that fuel us.

I hope you like the new direction, and I’m excited to see where this project leads me. Let me know what you want to learn. I’m here for it!

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Kate Kelly